Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall 2014 Update

It has been forever since I've posted here. But I feel as though I want to keep the readers of whoever reads this updated on what's going on in my life. I'll pick up where I left off back in May. After prom and after school ended I wen't on vacation to Smith Mountain Lake for the first week of my summer . During the rest of the summer I interned at my local church where I learned a lot about graphic design and picked up some knowlege on some video editing tips. This past summer I also saw Lindsay Stirling in Concert. That was an absolute blast. We also wen't to the beach where I had perhaps the best week of my life. This fall I entered Junior year and with that came a lot of new challenges and some that I've never experianced before, some good, and some that I will never want to experiance again. I have a feeling it will be a good learning experiacne for me. Also wanted to update all you loyal readers on the Washington D.C videos that I've been talking about for the past two years or so. The second season has completed production and are just waiting for some of the finial videos to be edited by another member of the production team. The videos I have done were completed last July, but still working on getting the rest of the season finished from my other producer friend. Two trailers have been released for this upcoming season on my YouTube channel. Very excited for this year as we tackle the presidential homes in Virginia. Unfortunatly Victoria and Caroline won'e be joining us but there are some new faces. As I said before, this year is totally different, and while it is different, I hope it brings good things.

Until Next Time
-Michael Lemley

Friday, May 23, 2014

Washington DC Overnight Trip 2014

(Photos from the trip:Washington DC Overnight Trip 5-22-24)

Just arrived back from yet another spectacular day of filming in Washington D.C! Hard to believe but this is the last year we will be heading up in the spring, the last overnight, and the second to last time filming our series in the city. It's been such a memorable experience and I couldn't have spent it with any other perfect people or crew. We've been doing this project for a full two years now and we have really grown to be as family. I've really cherished these filming trips and they have a special place in my heart as together we get to work and experience things that no one our age will ever get to experience. From the wonderful and talented people of Isaac F. Davis, John VanBergen, Elisabeth Powell, and Rachel Burch you all really are my best friends and are always there and make me feel very happy when I get to be with everyone as together we are a small family and really work well together. I will miss all the experiences we've had in DC over these past two years, but hopefully we'll have something that lasts forever. Also forgot to mention but in our trip we also had the chance (since we won a prize in C-SPAN 2014) to meet with our local representative and also get a tour of C-SPAN studios. What high school kids will ever have this experience? Ever? Not many. And that's why I'm so grateful to spend it with these truly AWESOME! Can't wait for the future since so many things will be changing but for the moment I am sitting back and enjoying all that we've accomplished before moving forward into the unknown...

Until Next Time

Prom 2014

Hard to believe, but last weekend I attended Prom 2014 with the best date ever! Elisabeth Powell & I had a great time at Prom and it definitely will be a night I won't ever forget. It was so memorable as I felt so special and privileged to attend such a formal event with such a great friend. Together we had such a great time from taking pictures together to going out to eat at Opus 9 in where someone payed for our dinner. From there we went onto take some pictures in Colonial Williamsburg before heading up to Prom and taking a scenic detour. The actual event was simply amazing and I know I had such a great time with Elisabeth and all of my friends who were there as well. It was just so fun to spend the entire night with a woman and friend of honor. I truly do believe I had the best date there as together we shared so many honorable and excellent traits as people and as friends. It will be a night I'll remember forever. Thanks again Elisabeth, as a friend for being so awesome!

-Until next time!
-Michael Lemley

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Heading Off To Prom!

At my school Sophmores are allowed to go to prom. Originally I wasn't thinking of taking anyone or going in the first place but after some though and some observations i thought I'd ask one of my friends from my Journalism class. We've been friends for quite awhile and she's a great person and woudo be fun to go to prom together. So I asked! She said yes. I believe we are both two well rounded individuals and we're going to have a great time. Can't wait. I really do have some amazing friends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Production Begins Again In Washington D.C

Welcome to another insallment of the life of Michael Lemley-production blog edition. Today my Journalmism class and I started work on the second season on Monuments Memorials & Museums. Filming begain in the morning at the FDR memorial followed by lunch at the Supreme Court Building. Then location shooting moved back to the FDR memorial for additional B-Roll footage. All of this was shot with the help of 1st AC's Elisabeth Powell, Rachel Burch and Victoria Alexander. We used the Canon XA10 as well as a iPad Telepromter gear from Kessler Krane amounst other things. Location shooting was very intense and my team and I worked very well together to gather a wide variety of shots needed. To be honest I'm very thankful for this prouduction crew. These are some of the most dedicated and talented people you will ever encounter. So very blesssed to be working with such professional people. Anyway that's a recap of Day 1. This weekend it's off to editing and hopefully have a draf ready soon. Next month production really gets into gear with 4 days of production within a week. I'm very excited but it is going to be a long week. Can't wait for all that is to come.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Washington D.C Pre Production (Round 2)

It's that time of year again. Hard to believe that a full year has gone by since the production of the first round of Monuments Memorials & Museums. Hard to believe all that we have done since then. It's quite astounding. We are currently still in pre production and production starts again next month. Can't wait yet again to do work with this amazing efficient team! Until next time!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review (A Look Back On A Great Year)

2013 was what I would call one of the best years ever for me if not the best year. The year was filled with challenges and new opportunities as well as new experiences and just things that overall just made life awesome this past year. What I'll try to do at least in this blog post is outline the year and briefly describe what went into making the year so awesome. At the end of the post I've attached a video basically outlining everything I did this year. So buckle up.

January 2013: January 2013 was a time after the Christmas holidays where I was tasked with a project or rather my class was tasked with a project of creating a documentary series of the Monuments and Memorials and Museums of Washington DC. At the time I had no idea how I would pull off these videos or even better yet I didn't really e
ven know really well the people that I was working with. January 2013 was a time of uncertainty as I figured out what I was going to do with this particular project. I purchased some essential gear with the Christmas money I received and hope for some testing and figuring stuff out in the coming weeks. The order was placed as I still wondered about the project. Meanwhile I was in 9th grade at Williamsburg Christian Academy and was working as a producer on the the short film that I was a part of "The Strategist"

February 2013: As the Monuments-Memorials & Museums project and I was struggling with ideas on how to make these videos and what exactly I wanted to do with them it hit me one day, Cinematic News Reporting, I came upon this idea while in the car to our friends lake house in northern Virginia. As for the gear that I had ordered the previous month it had come in and one particular piece of equipment I found fascinating, "The Slider" after my new found idea on how to make the videos I decided one afternoon just to stitch something together with some of the new equipment. The resulting video that followed from that test was stunning. It so far remains as one of the best things I feel I've ever edited. After editing that, I knew exact ally how these videos we're to come out. The problem still remained, the people in my class who I was working with I knew them and we we're friends but to compete this project we we're going to have to work as a team. And so far January and February were mainly about this project that I was working on and still continue to work on. Now that the ground work was laid the real work of the year could begin.

March 2013: In the first few weeks of March 2013 my school (Williamsburg Christian Academy) held the spring musical "The Wizard of Oz" I recorded and edited that production for the school as well as served as the lighting board operator for Crosswalk Community Church's "The Living Passover" both productions went off smoothly and everything was just grand. March also saw the first day of actu
ally going up to Washington DC to do some preliminary work for the Washington DC project. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was quite a freezing day with temperatures in the 40's. The purpose of that day was to collect information on different shots and ways to see in detail how I was going to produce the documentary this was a crucial day for me and it also gave me the opportunity to bond with what would soon become my closest friends and the best crew I have ever had, though I didn't know it at the time.

April: April was a month filled with trips back and forth to Washington DC. April 9th was the first official day of production at the Jefferson Memorial. At
first I had no idea what I was really doing but as the day went on I figured out what shots I needed and how to direct and produce these videos. It was almost like I moved on to another level of film production that day and it shapes me to this day as well as also helped me direct the rest of the videos in Washington DC. We only had two trips to Washington DC in April due in part to the Boston Marathon bombings that took place however also in April was multiple experiences for the members of my production team in that class to get to know one another better. We became a family.

May: Hard to believe that the year is almost half over but this was a month that I will remember for quite awhile. The first two days in May we spent two days overnight in Washington DC so that we could get shots of Washington DC at night as well as knock out two days of filming up in Washington DC. I really enjoyed the time up in Washington DC with what had now become my best film making people ever. Also in May we finished up production on "The Strategist Anthology" which was pretty bittersweet as we had worked on the short film project for just about two years and we had grown very close together over those two years producing the film. It was sad to see it come to a close as everyone prepared to graduate but it would soon spark the new beginnings of the all new tech team at WCA later on in the year. I also managed to get my learner's permit.

Summer Months: The summer months were a time of learning from everything that had happened over the course of the past 6 months or so and learning where to go in leading a new group that would become the new WCA Tech team as well as preparing for the new season of "WCA Weekly" The summer was also filled with the normal vacations as well. This summer we spent a week at Smith Mountain Lake in June and anoth
er week at Topsail Beach in August. Both vacations were equally refreshing.

The latest portion of the year has been nothing short of amazing. First off the grant that originally funded the first wave of DC projects got renewed in the form of a $2,000 grant from ING. From that we we're able to purchase new equipment for the new formation of the WCA Tech Team as well as the purchase of new gear and the re branding of WCA Weekly among other things. The group for Monuments Memorials & Museums has also gotten stronger with the addition of two new people and more projects all the time that test us and propel us forward. In conclusion 2013 has been an amazing year and one that I won't soon forget. 2014 sure looks to be amazing! See everyone on the other side!